I’m a Computer Science Engineer (Facultad de Informática, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) who lives in Madrid.

I started with computers when I was 7 years old with the Inves Spectrum+ (the Spanish version of the ZX Spectrum+, that was given as a gift with an encyclopedia that my parents bought. In a very short time, the mythical games fell short and the eagerness to program my own game appeared (it was a conversational adventure in text mode written in BASIC). Then came the PCs, five years (1998 — 2003) of Computer Science Engineering and the courses for the PhD in Computer Science until the Advanced Studies Certificate (2005).

Currently, I’m the technical manager of CeSViMa, part of the Vice-rectorate of IT Services of the UPM, from where various services are provided for both research and the university community. Previously, I was the Systems Manager whose main task was to administer Magerit supercomputer.

When I’m not tied up with work, I spend my free time learning new techniques and technologies, reading articles…

  • Data Analytics
  • High Performance Computing
  • System Administration
  • Web related technologies
  • Compute Science Engineering, 2003

    Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

  • Advanced Studies Certificate, 2005

    Universidad Politécnica de Madrid