I’m a Computer Science Engineer ( Facultad de Informática, UPM ) who lives in Madrid.

I started with computers when I was 7 years old with the Inves Spectrum+ (the Spanish version of the ZX Spectrum+, that was given as a gift with an encyclopedia that my parents bought. In a very short time, the mythical games fell short and the eagerness to program my own game appeared (it was a conversational adventure in text mode written in BASIC). Then came the PCs, five years (1998—2003) of Computer Science Engineering and the courses for the PhD in Computer Science until the Advanced Studies Certificate (2005).

Currently, I’m the Technical Director of CeSViMa, part of the Vice-rectorate of IT Services of the UPM, from where various services are provided for both research and the university community. Previously, I was the Systems Manager whose main task was to administer Magerit supercomputer.

In my spare time, when I’m not still stuck with obligations, I dedicate myself to learning new techniques and technologies, reading articles from…


  • Data Analytics
  • High Performance Computing
  • System Administration
  • Web related technologies


  • Compute Science Engineering, 2003

    Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

  • Advanced Studies Certificate, 2005

    Universidad Politécnica de Madrid